5 Must-Do Outdoor Adventures Near Inlet

The Central Adirondack Park is filled with so many small trips that you don't have to commit the whole day to. Although the list could go on forever, here are a few of my favorites!

1. Watch a Sunset from Rocky Mountain


Rocky Mountain is an Inlet classic, but hiking it for sunset is a game-changer! The view looks directly to the West, which makes for amazing summer sunset views. Make sure to head up plenty of time before sunset (I'd recommend 30-40 minutes) to get the full effect.


2. Explore Ferd's Bog


Ferd's Bog is a hidden gem, located about 3.75 miles down Uncas Road. Once you're there, a very short 5 minute walk will bring you into a serene area with a boardwalk surrounded by tall pines and wild-flowers. 


3. Catch a Sunrise on Bald Mountain


Sunrise may be early, but I promise the magic is worth it. Bald Mountain's Fire Tower provides great views to the east, or there is an option to watch from small lookout about 1/4 mile from the top. Make sure the forecast is clear for the following morning to ensure the best views. I also recommend giving yourself ample time (at least 30 minutes before sunrise) to hike, and pack your headlamp, as the beginning of your ascent may be dark. 


4. See Death Falls, aka Secret Falls


Death Falls is located in Raquette Lake, about 10 miles down Route 28 on the right hand side. You'll see a metal gate, and it is a very short (~5) walk in. I recommend catching the small but beautiful waterfall after a few days rain. It is a nice thinking spot and mildly trafficked. 


5. Venture to Bub and Sis Lake Trail


Bub and Sis Lakes are located just past Eagle Bay off of Route 28. It's an easy walking or trail running trail, and you can see both lakes. These non-motorized lakes are calm and peaceful and provide a great place to disconnect.

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