5 of our Newest Summer Drinks You Have to Try

1. Shaken Peach Iced Tea


We're obsessed with this new iced tea: peach puree and our fresh Harney and Sons black iced tea, shaken.

2. Adirondack Style Cold Brew


New this summer, our Adirondack Style Cold Brew starts with our organic fair trade cold brew coffee (steeped cold, creating a less acidic and more digestion friendly coffee), combined with a salted caramel sweet cream. 

3. Fresh Squeezed Lavender Lemonade


We recently introduced fresh squeezed lemonade, and it's a hit! Add lavender, and you have the most refreshing summer drink. 

4. Nitro Cold Brew Ice Cream Float


Our homemade cold brew infused with nitrogen comes out of the tap velvety and smooth. Add creamy vanilla bean ice cream, and you have the best of both worlds.

5. Matcha Green Tea Latte


Matcha green tea is great for your health: it's high in antioxidants and is shown to boost your brain function and even fight cancer. Try it hot and frothy, or over ice. For an extra flavor boost? Ask for added ginger. Want it a little sweeter? Ask for some added vanilla.